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Destination Earth

Your one-stop guide to visiting Earth!


154 actually be happy
202 back a successful Kickstarter project
194 be featured in a movie  
35 be featured in a newspaper
346 be vegetarian for 30 days
178 break bad habits  
353 build a computer from scratch
234 create something artistic  
147 develop a signature dish
125 develop a website
298 develop an app
140 donate blood  
33 drink only water for a month
356 dye my hair a crazy color
281 find amber on the beach  
93 finish a university degree
12 get married  
53 go through military training
61 have children  
228 join a greater course
81 learn a new language  
216 learn electrical engineering
128 learn first aid
293 learn material arts
349 learn programming
108 learn to bake bread
146 learn to bartend
266 learn to dance  
157 learn to do a magic trick
231 learn to grill food  
233 learn to lockpick
371 learn to make candy
237 learn to make homemade candles  
225 learn to make homemade soap  
105 learn to make icecream
246 learn to play chess
268 learn to saber a champagne bottle  
138 learn to use chopsticks
167 leave a big tip
249 live on a sugar free diet in progress
229 make a gingerbread house  
51 make an origami animal in progress
46 own a collection of something
144 own a curated book collection  
66 own a piece of artwork  
159 own a suit
304 own a wine collection
348 own stocks/investments
195 read the art of war
271 read the Iliade  
169 solve a big puzzle
182 solve a Rubix cube
300 start a business
204 stay awake for 48 hours
137 take a cooking class  
164 try getting peppersprayed  
329 try running a half-marathon  
305 walk 10.000 steps per day in progress
161 win something
57 work every day for a long period
122 write a book  


381 Attend a drive-thru show  
252 attend a hackathon
43 attend a LAN party
212 attend a murder mystery dinner  
106 attend a pig roast  
26 attend Oktoberfest  
270 be a member of a tv studio audience  
32 buy a homeless person a meal  
314 chop wood  
380 Complete an escape room
179 experience a horse race  
354 experience a mariachi band  
239 experience a tornado  
215 experience American culture
347 experience an earthquake  
211 experience the northern lights  
322 explore a rain forest  
327 feed penguins
67 get a caricature drawing made in progress
120 get arrested  
341 get hypnotized  
186 go clubbing
236 go on a picnic  
316 Go to a boardgame cafe
311 go to a comic-con conference
17 go to a festival
5 go to a strip club
102 go to a symphony
97 go to a wine tasting
65 go to an aquarium
155 go to an ice bar  
79 go to the theater
98 hold a tarantula size spider  
7 listen to live music
91 meet someone famous  
232 milk a cow  
259 order room service
282 play at an arcade
296 relax in a natural hot spring  
165 see a ballet  
83 see a Broadway musical  
90 see a burlesque show  
273 see a cirque de soleil show  
59 see a full eclipse  
340 see a Las Vegas show
189 see a medieval fair
52 see a NASCAR race  
357 see a rocket launch  
77 see a rodeo  
86 see a waterfall
95 see an Olympics event live  
342 see an opera  
363 see real cable cars
222 see stand-up comedy in progress
192 send a message in a bottle  
358 shop in Amazon Go
292 shop in Walmart
377 shop on eBay
99 sing karaoke  
101 smoke a hookah
22 take a spa weekend  
303 try a body tequila
260 try a drive-in movie
289 try building a snowman
170 try camping
230 try carving Halloween pumpkins
135 try gambling in a casino
325 try meditation  
153 try painting Easter eggs
207 try sleeping in a hammock  
254 try sleeping in an igloo  
275 try swimming with dolphins  
70 try swimming with sharks  
274 try using a chainsaw  
309 visit a circus
151 visit a dripstone cave  
63 visit a ghost town  
25 visit all seven continents  
131 visit an Amish community  
223 walk across a suspension bridge  
350 walk on hot coals  
13 win something at an auction  
227 wrap a snake around my neck


174 taste a baked Alaskan  
264 taste a Carolina Reaper  
280 taste a deep-fried mars bar
255 taste a deep-fried twinkie  
118 taste a fresh coconut  
218 taste a Philly cheese steak
152 taste an insane hot sauce
269 taste baba ghanoush  
198 taste baklava
258 taste Belgian waffles
339 taste borscht  
334 taste boubletea
109 taste butter chicken
56 taste caviar
369 taste cheese fondue
42 taste chocolate fondue
190 taste chocolate souffle
242 taste churros
121 taste crepes
20 taste currywurst
127 taste deviled eggs
30 taste dunking donuts
62 taste eggs benedict  
209 taste falafel
284 taste fish & chips
171 taste foie gras
69 taste freakshakes
343 taste fresh Italian pasta  
40 taste fresh Italian pizza  
149 taste full English breakfast
214 taste gazpacho  
315 taste handmade fudge
250 taste hooters
107 taste insects  
23 taste Kentucky fried chicken
119 taste kobe beef
262 taste kombucha tea  
326 taste lobster
60 taste macarons
224 taste mango lassi
291 taste masala dosa  
112 taste McDonalds
74 taste meze
73 taste molecular gastronomy food  
116 taste nachos
48 taste New York hotdogs
3 taste octopus
286 taste oysters  
185 taste Peking duck  
272 taste pho ga  
243 taste pierogi  
126 taste pulled pork
6 taste roasted marshmallows
188 taste scallops
323 taste spanakopita  
352 taste steak tartare
263 taste stroopwafel
206 taste sushi
199 taste Taco Bell
8 taste ten different kind of meats
310 taste teriyaki chicken  
38 taste the classic cakes
335 taste the classic cocktails
261 taste tikka masala
92 taste tiramisu
187 taste tofu
220 taste truffles
245 taste two michelin star food  


338 try a canoe trip  
302 try a wild rollercoaster  
175 try an f16 simulator
247 try BMXing  
257 try couchsurfing
203 try doing an adventure race  
148 try driving a go-kart
80 try driving along route 66  
141 try driving an ATV
364 try driving in a limousine
78 try driving off-roading
183 try entering a submarine
297 try flying first class  
180 try flying in a helicopter
11 try flying in a hot air balloon  
21 try flying in a paraglider  
24 try flying in a seaplane  
88 try going on a road trip
355 try going on a safari  
241 try going on a survival trip
240 try going on an interrail
320 try hiking the Camino  
373 try ice skating
177 try jet ski  
134 try mountain biking
4 try parachuting  
287 try parasailing
351 try riding a banana boat  
16 try riding a camel
37 try riding a dogsled  
276 try riding a horse
365 try riding a mechanical bull  
9 try riding a motor bike  
111 try riding a Segway
375 try riding a tuk tuk
104 try riding on an elephant  
201 try riding the orient express  
117 try river rafting  
256 try rollerblading
76 try sailing a ship  
31 try sailing in a gondola  
359 try sailing in a kayak
94 try sailing on a cruise ship
47 try skiing  
295 try the trans-Siberian route  
193 try weightlessness  
85 try wind surfing  


319 try a go-high obstacle course
29 try acupuncture  
64 try archery
367 try axe throwing
156 try beer pong
328 try bowling
330 try breakdancing
294 try bungee jumping  
45 try clay pigeon shooting
219 try climbing
142 try dance-dance revolution
360 try dodgeball
279 try experience virtual reality
103 try fencing  
221 try fishing
166 try golfing  
129 try ice climbing  
191 try indoor skydiving  
321 try joggling  
27 try mini-golfing
15 try parkour
217 try ping pong
253 try playing badminton
318 try playing basket ball
308 try playing billiard
139 try playing buzz
123 try playing guitar hero
317 try playing laser tag  
372 try playing Nintendo Wii
205 try playing paintball
14 try playing poker
251 try playing tennis
36 try rappelling  
238 try scuba diving
307 try shooting
181 try skydiving  
277 try snorkeling
362 try snowboarding  
2 try ziplining
58 try zorbing  


163 visit a desert
306 visit a Mayan ruin  
301 visit a swamp region  
332 visit a winery
96 visit Acropolis
244 visit Alcatraz
290 visit an active volcano  
168 visit and stay at the ice hotel  
130 visit area 51
324 visit Auswitch  
110 visit Big Ben
72 visit bora bora  
158 visit canals of Venice  
337 visit Chernobyl  
176 visit Christania
196 visit cliffs of Moher  
75 visit colosseum  
145 visit Cuba  
366 visit Death Valley
44 visit Disneyland  
299 visit Edinburgh castle
345 visit Ellora caves  
288 visit empire state building
54 visit Grand Canyon
34 visit ground zero
226 visit Hawaii  
374 visit hill forts of Rajasthan  
1 visit Hollywood
336 visit Kaldenberg knights tournament  
213 visit Las Vegas
136 visit loch ness  
370 visit Machu Picchu  
184 visit Meteora  
267 visit Miami  
39 visit Mount Rushmore  
84 visit mt. Everest basecamp  
283 visit Nassau  
68 visit Neuschwanstein castle  
312 visit New York
71 visit Niagara Falls  
208 visit Notre Dame  
376 visit Nyhavn
55 visit Petra  
49 visit Pompei  
160 visit Rio de Janeiro carnival  
200 visit royal gorge bridge  
361 visit San Francisco
162 visit sky mountain
41 visit Stonehenge  
50 visit Sydney opera house  
143 visit the Amazonas  
18 visit the Appalachian trail  
19 visit the burning man festival  
248 visit the day of the dead in Mexico  
10 visit the dead sea  
115 visit the Easter Island  
368 visit the Eiffel Tower
132 visit the forbidden city in china  
28 visit the Giza pyramids
378 visit the golden gate bridge
114 visit the great barrier reef  
197 visit the great wall of china  
124 visit the leaning tower  
100 visit the little mermaid statue
173 visit the Louvre
285 visit the north and south pole  
265 visit the red light district
278 visit the red sea
82 visit the red square  
113 visit the sixteenth chapel  
210 visit the statue of liberty
331 visit the Taj Mahal  
313 visit the temples of Angkor  
87 visit the Vatican City  
344 visit the wailing wall  
133 visit the white house  
150 visit times square
235 visit Tivoli
172 visit Uluru  
379 visit universal studios
333 visit Yellowstone  
89 visit Yosemite national park

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site about?

This site is a bucketlist of things, experiences, locations to visit or other achievements in life, that I have been trying to accomplish over the last many years. There is no fancy context to the things, and it can be considered more of a checkbox or todo list. Hopefully it can give others some inspiration, but ultimately, it is only intended for myself.

How do you define 'done'?

There are a few entries on the list, marked as incomplete, which I have clearly and by all definitions: already done. But if my memory of the experience is not strong enough, for me to clearly recall the moment and the experience it brought, then I do not consider it done. Think of things you did when you were only a toddler, would that really constitute an experience you still have today?

When is an experience considered done?

There are things which are quantitively; how long would you need to be a vegetarian for it to count? How much of something do you need to eat, for it to be considered tasted? Originally, I had very specific amounts listed for these things, but honestly, it's a subjective thing. If you think being a vegetarian for a week is enough for you to understand the feeling, then that is the exact length you need. As far as what 'my numbers' are: They aren't written, but they are well defined to me.

How did this list get started?

This list was originally written by me and my all-time best friend, about 10 - 15 years ago, long before the term 'bucketlist' was household. In fact, I don't even think we heard of a bucketlist before. It started as a list written on a piece of paper, and over time, through three or four website designs, evolved to whatever it is now.

Why doesn't this site have more features?

This site was never built for anyone else to use, it sounds weird, I mean why would you make a website and not expect others to view it? Well, bucketlists are a personal thing, and you are not competing against anyone. For that reason, the website was for almost ten years just a gallery of images, with no context, and that still worked out just fine. There are no plans to expand this site with much functionality beyond what is already here, unless you can provide me with a really good reason to.

Why don't you have this thing on your list?

The main reason is probably: I didn't think of it - and you should send me an e-mail with the things you think I am missing. But at the same time, there are many things that I very purposefully left out, for many different reasons: It might be unrealistic, I might not be interested and feel strongly, that I never will be, or it might be too hard to articulate into a well defined goal. But the fact is, my list changes very often, with new things added, and old things renamed, removed or redefined.

Why haven't you done this thing yet?

There are many goals on the list, which can easily by completed, no matter where you are geographically, I understand that. In reality, you could burn through a list like this pretty fast, if you desired. But at the same time, I have hopefully a whole life to complete them. Previously I didn't actively pursuit any of the things on the list, but now days I plan for things ones or twice a month, and try to get through as many as I can. The further into the list I get, the harder it becomes though. Thankfully, I have good friends who are always up for doing things!

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